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Part 1 - Classic Ships

If, like me, you remember the days when ships had tall funnels, masts and varnished, wooden wheelhouses, then you will probably enjoy seeing the ships featured this month. Not all are in original condition and many are steamships that have been converted to motor. A number are well over 100 years-old and yet continue to fulfill a useful role. Many have interesting histories, which, if not detailed below, can be pursued from the links provided. Enjoy!

Stockholm is home to probably more classic steamships than any other city in Europe, if not the world. Two of them were photographed at Gamla Stan, close to the Royal Palace, on June 18th. They are the SALTSJON - black funnel with white band and the BLIDOSUND - buff funnel with black top. Note the birch logs secured to the hull as fenders. Details of these and many other ships built in the 19th and early-mid 20th century are to be found below. (Click the picture for an enlargement).


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Much of the information below has been abstracted from Fakt om Fartyg, Skargardsbatar, Tugboat Lars, the owners' own web sites, Miramar, Equasis and Sveriges Skeppslista, 2011. Most of the material is in Swedish, which is the reason this page has taken a good while to compile.

It is fitting to start this section with a ship named after the city in which it is based. The passenger ship STOCKHOLM (ex KORSHOLM AF WESTERAS -98, OLAND -86, KORSHOLM -86, KORSHOLM III -67, OLAND -58) runs excursions to the Archipelago for Stromma Turism & Sjofart, Stockholm, and is one of the newer old vessels on this service. IMO number: 5193890. Gross tonnage: 658; 354 passengers. She was completed in 1931-09 by Oskarshamns Varv Ab, Oskarshamn, Sweden (yard no: 280) and was originally powered by steam. Dimensions: loa: 48.79 m beam: 8.56 m. Main engine(s): 2, Volvo TAMD Penta 163A diesels (since 1958). Power: 750 kW. Speed: 11.0 kn. She was extensively refurbished by Tjornvarvet AB, Ronnang, between 1998 and 2000. Photo 2 - taken in the Stockholm Archipelago.

In contrast, the MOTALA EXPRESS is considerably older and appears externally to be close to original condition. I don't know if she is currently in service or in the process of restoration. IMO number: 5242641. Gross tonnage: 249. She was completed in 1895-08 by Jonkopings Mekaniska Verkstad, Jonkoping, Sweden (yard no: 21) and still has her original steam engine. Dimensions: loa: 35.67 m beam: 6.63 m. Main engine(s): steam engine by builders. Power: 265 kW. Speed: 14.0 kn. She is owned by Angfartygs AB Stockholms Omgifningar, Sollentuna, Sweden, and her home port is Askersund.

The odd ship out in this sequence is the RIDDARFJARDEN, which looks as though she should have been steam powered when new but was built as a motorship. IMO number: none. Call sign: SLIA. Gross tonnage: 146; 120 passengers. Owned by Gota Kanal Charter Stockholm AB, Stockholm. Completed in 1936-10, Lodose Varv, Lodose, Sweden (yard no: 62). Dimensions: loa: 26.92 m beam: 6.02 m. Main engine(s): 2, Scania DSI 11 diesels. Power: 404 kW. Speed: 11.0 kn.

Fleet-mate RIDDARHOLMEN (ex MOTALASTROM -96, VATTERO -89, ARNO -75, VIELLE MONTAGNE III -67) was built in 1916 as a steam coaster to carry zinc ore for the Belgian Mining company Vieille Montagne. She was converted to diesel in 1957 and in 1989 rebuilt as a passenger ship by Falkenbergs Varv, Falkenberg, at which time she was lengthened and had new machinery installed. IMO number: 5380027. Gross tonnage: 289; 170 passengers. Owned by Gota Kanal Charter Stockholm AB, Stockholm. Flag: Sweden (Stockholm). Completed: 1916-06 by Motala Verkstad, Motala, Sweden (yard no: 466). Dimensions: loa: 31.80 m beam: 6.89 m. Main engine(s): 2, Volvo-Penta TAMD 162 diesels. Power: 346 kW. Speed: 10.0 kn. Photo 2 of the RIDDARHOLMEN.
A good idea of how she looked when new can be found lower down this page - see the VIEILLE MONTAGNE IV.

Built as a passenger steamship and remaining as such, although converted to oil-fired in 1966, is the SALTSJON (ex BJORKFJARDEN-94, SALTSJON-70) owned by Scandinavian Intermarket AB, Vasteras, Sweden. IMO number: 5308416 (changed to 8424460). Gross tonnage: 250; 230 passengers. Completed: 1925-06, Eriksbergs Mekaniska Verkstad, Gothenburg, Sweden (yard no: 216). Dimensions: lpp: 37.51 m beam: 7.08 m. Main engine(s): 2-cyl Eriksberg steam engine. Power: 404 kW. Speed: 11.0 kn.








BLIDOSUND (ex EXPRESS II -68, BLIDOSUND -65) dates back to 1911 and, like the SALTSJON above, remains steam powered. IMO number: 8424484. Owned by Gota Kanal Charter Stockholm AB, Stockholm, Sweden. Flag: Sweden (Stockholm). Gross tonnage: 218; 270 passengers. Completed: 1911-03 by Eriksbergs Mekaniska Verstad, Gothenburg, Sweden (yard no: 153). Dimensions: length: 35.29 m beam: 6.35 m. Main engine(s): Eriksbergs 2-cyl compound steam engine. Power: 294 kW. Speed: 11.0 knots.

The WAXHOLM III (ex VAXHOLM III -09, SKARGARDEN -08) is 8 years older than the BLIDOSUND and has been converted to diesel after her steam engine and boiler where removed in 1964 when she became a floating restaurant. She was restored as a passenger ship in 1993-4 by Tjornvarvet AB, Ronnang. IMO number: none. Owned by Stromma Kanalbolaget, Stockholm, Sweden. Flag: Sweden (Stockholm). Gross tonnage: 281; 350 passengers. Completed: 1903-05 by Bergsunds Mekaniska Verkstad, Stockholm, Sweden (yard no: 303). Dimensions: length: 37.27 m beam: 6.88 m. Main engine(s): Caterpillar 3508 TA diesel. Power: 526 kW. Speed: 13.0 knots.

At 144 years-old, the ENKOPING (ex SOTEN -89, SODRA SKARGARDEN -43, GLAFSFJORDEN -35, VADDO -15, ARHOLMA -13, SKOKLOSTER -1911, OSTHAMMAR -1900, ENKOPING -1883) is the oldest of the passenger ships in service in Stockholm. In fact Lloyds Register states that she is the oldest passenger ship in service anywhere in the world. IMO number: 5334755. Owned by Stromma Kanalbolaget, Stockholm, Sweden. Flag: Sweden (Stockholm). Gross tonnage: 133; 148 passengers. Completed: 1868 by Oskarshamns Mekaniska Verkstad, Oskarshamn, Sweden. Dimensions: length: 30.33 m beam: 5.45 m. Main engine: original steam engine replaced in 1948 by a Volvo-Penta TMD 100C diesel. Power: 175 kW. Speed: 9.0 knots. I was fortunate to be able to photograph her underway on Lake Malaren, central Stockholm, in Photo 2.

MARIEFRED is a mere youngster in comparison at 109 years-old! - but she is still steam-powered. IMO number: 5224285. Owned by Gripsholms-Mariefreds Angfartygs AB, Stockholm, Sweden. Flag: Sweden (Mariefred). Gross tonnage: 177; 250 passengers. Completed: 1903-04 by William Lindbergs Verkstads och Varfs AB, Stockholm (yard no: 251). Dimensions: length: 32.84 m beam: 6.33 m. Main engine(s): Lindberg steam engine, coal-fired. Power: 219 kW. Speed: 10.0 knots.

NORRSKAR (ex SANDHAMNS EXPRESS -49), a sister-ship of the BLIDOSUND (above), makes a magnificent sight as she steams past Sodermalm on her way to the Archipelago. IMO number: 5256537. Owned by Waxholms Angfartygs AB, Stockholm, Sweden. Flag: Sweden. Gross tonnage: 237; 265 passengers. Completed: 1910-04 by Eriksberg Mekaniska Verkstad, Gothenburg, Sweden (yard no: 147). Dimensions: length: 34.84 m beam: 6.88 m. Main engine(s): Eriksberg 2-cyl compound steam engine (boiler replaced in 1970). Power: 300 kW. Speed: 11.0 knots.

STORSKAR (ex STRANGNAS EXPRESS -40) is reputed to be the fastest of the Archipelago steamers and like her fleetmate above is driven by steam. She was photographed from the RYNDAM steaming the Archipelago. IMO number: 5341813. Owned by Waxholms Angfartygs AB, Vaxholm. Flag: Sweden (Vaxholm). Gross tonnage: 235; 320 passengers. Completed: 1908-07 by Lindholmens Mekaniska Verkstad, Gothenburg, Sweden (yard no: 399). Dimensions: length: 38.95 m beam: 6.99 m. Main engine(s): Lindholmens triple expansion steam engine. Power: 484 kW. Speed: 13.0 knots. She has also been re-boilered and is fired by oil. Photo 2.








This section features some of the smaller ships with interesting histories which can be seen around the islands and waterways that make up the City of Stockholm.

The HEBE (ex MARIA -1890s) is classified by Sveriges Skeppslista, 2011, as a motor tug but looks to be used as a charter passenger vessel. She was built in 1876 by W. Lindbergs Mek. Verkstad & Varfs AB, Stockholm, Sweden. Call sign: SBNW. Owned by Hebe Landfjarden AB, Stockholm. Flag: Sweden (Stockholm). Gross tonnage: unknown. Dimensions: length: 18.65 m beam: 3.80 m. Main engine(s): 1876-1912 Rosenviks Warf & Mek. Verkstad compound steam engine of 60 ihp. 1912-1930 Atlas 4-cyl motor of 100 hp. 1930-1954 Atlas Polar diesel of 200 hp. 1954-present Volvo TMD 96 diesel of 235 hp. Power: 2,640 kW. Speed: 14.6 kn. Detailed history at Tugboat Lars.

KUNG KARL (ex KARL XII -86, SKURUSUND -69, EXPRESS -67, ULRIKSDAL I -1907, DELFIN -1905, FAMA -1903, ROSA -1894, SYLPHID -1889) is a little older and was built as a steam launch. Over the years she has been rebuilt to carry up to 70 passengers. Call sign: SFB 6747. Owned by Rederi Stockholms Strom Gibel & Leffler HB, Stockholm. Flag: Sweden (Stockholm). Gross tonnage: 32. Completed: 1872 by Lindholmens Mek. Verkstad, Gothenburg, Sweden (yard no: 244). Dimensions: length: 17.85 m beam: 3.70 m. Main engine(s): originally a Lindholmens steam engine of 32 ihp. Currently a Volvo Penta TAMD 70 diesel. Power: 143 hp. More information at Skargardsbatar - Sylphid and Tugboat Lars - Kung Karl.

STOCKHOLMS STROM 2 (ex BADHOLMEN I -86, DJURGARDEN 6 -81, STOCKHOLM-SODRA LIDINGON -25, SALTSJOBADEN 3 -1913) is a small passenger ferry operating from Slussen. Call sign: SDTR. Owned by Rederi Stockholms Strom Gibel & Leffler HB, Stockholm. Flag: Sweden (Stockholm). Gross tonnage: 75. Completed: 1894 by William Lindbergs Verkstads och Varfs AB, Stockholm (yard no: 217). Dimensions: length: 22.32 m beam: 5.60 m. Main engine(s): Originally steam engine. Converted to diesel in 1961. New Scania diesel installed in 1986. Power: 132 hp. Further details at Swedish Ship Facts.

The origins of the VAINO are unclear. According to information in Tugboat Lars - Vaino she was built as the tug PAPAGENO in 1880 at Leppavirta, Finland (yard no: 88) for Paul Wahl & Co. of Warkaus. Alternatively, the Stockholm Ship Association believes she was built in Russia about 1910. These authorities both have her in Russia during the Revolution when she was reputedly used as a yacht in the escape to Finland of some of the Tsar's officers. She was severely damaged ("blown up") in 1918 and renovated in 1919 at Kone's Verkstad, Vyborg. Reconstruction altered her appearance to such an extent that she was classed as a new build in 1920 and named JYSKE. She was then taken over in 1933 by Tornator OY who renamed her VAINO. Sold again in 1946 to the forest company Enso Gutzeit and used as a timber tug on Lake Saimaa until 1969 when sold to the Swedish company Firma Machine Service of Stockholm. Her steam engine was removed and she was then laid-up for a few years before becoming a private pleasure boat for several successive owners. In more recent times the wheelhouse and superstructure have been tastefully rebuilt to give her a yacht-like appearance.

VAINO details: Call sign: SGTZ. Owned by Roberg, Nils Staffan, Stockholm. Flag: Sweden (Stockholm). Gross tonnage: 68 (25 dwt). Dimensions: length: 21.51 m beam: 4.60 m. Main engine: originally a steam engine of 250 ihp replaced by a Wickstrom diesel in 1972 and later by a Scania V8 diesel. Power: 241 hp.

The passenger ship TRANAN (ex KONGEDYBET -69, KIRSTEN PIIL -45) was built as a motorship and was originally owned in Denmark by A/S Dampskibsselskabet Oresund, Copenhagen. Sold to Danish Marine Ministry in 1945. She was then sold to AB Skandinaviska Fartygsagenturen, Gothenburg in 1969 and to AB Stockholm - Fjardlang, Stockholm in 1970. She was sold again in 1998 to her present owners IMO number: 8976956. Owned by Angsholmen Rederi AB, Solna. Flag: Sweden (Stockholm). Gross tonnage: 137. Completed: 1935 by Helsingor Skibsvaerft & Maskinbyggeri, Helsingor, Denmark (yard no: 222). Dimensions: loa: 33.86 m beam: 6.39 m. Main engine(s): Tuxham 4 cyl diesel until 1957 then B&W Alpha 405 FLO diesel. Power: 235 kW. Speed: 13.0 kn.








GUSTAF af KLINT was built in 1941 as a Swedish Government research vessel. Since 1997 she has been a hotel / hostel ship and is berthed at Slussen. IMO number: 5138539. Gross tonnage: 644. Owned by Gustaf af Klint AB, Stockholm. Flag: Sweden (Stockholm). Built: 1941 by Gotaverken Finnboda, Stockholm, Sweden (yard no: 326). Dimensions: loa: 47.9 m beam: 8.7 m. Main engine(s): diesel. Power: 470 kW. Speed: 10.0 kn.

A British-built classic, the PATRICIA (ex PATRICIA 1-83, PATRICIA-82), was built in 1938 for Trinity House as a buoy and lighthouse tender. She was involved in the evacuation of troops from Dunkirk and in 1944 was in action at the D-Day landings. After the war she was rebuilt as a private luxury yacht and was used by the Queen and Prince Philip in 1952. In 1986 she was moored at Stadsgardskajen, Stockholm, as a maritime entertainment centre. IMO number: 5271733. Owned by Lady Patricia AB, Stockholm. Flag: Sweden (Stockholm). Gross tonnage: 1,124 (357 dwt). Completed: 1938-02 by Smith's Dock Co., South Bank, Middlesbrough, UK (yard no: 1033). Dimensions: loa: 70.67 m beam: 10.94 m. Main engine(s): D-E - 2, English Electric 6 cyl diesels coupled to 2 generators. Power: 1,078 kW. Speed: 14.0 kn. Despite the trappings of her current role she retains many of her classic features with her raked masts and funnel and wooden wheelhouse.

KRONPRINSESSAN MARTHA (ex EMERALD SEA -01, CROWN PRINCESS MARTHA -98, SPORT ROVER -90, KOSTER -79, KRONPRINSESSE MARTHA -74, RYFLYKE -45, KRONPRINSESSE MARTHA -42) began its existence as a passenger / cargo ship for the Norwegian company, Det Stavangerske Dampskibsselskab of Stavanger. The ship had an eventful WWII with groundings and attacks by submarines and bombers but survived to be eventually repaired, then rebuilt and re-engined after the war to resume in service on the Bergen to Oslo run. Sank in 1956, salvaged and repaired with a further rebuild of the superstructure. Later transferred to Stavanger - Oslo service until 1974 when she became a hotel ship in Stavanger. She then had a chequered period during which time she was remodelled as a cruise ship based at Puerto Rico. This venture failed and she arrived in Harlingen, Netherlands, where she was employed briefly as a casino ship amidst a long period laid-up. After various other failed ventures she was sold to Loginn Hotel AB in 2000 when under arrest at Falmouth, where she had been for about 13 years. Towed to Sweden and converted to a hotel ship once problems with ownership had been sorted out. Berthed at Soder Malarstrand. Full details and photos at History of the "MARTHA". KRONPRINSESSAN MARTHA details: IMO number: 5197028. Owned by Loginn Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden. Flag: Sweden. Gross tonnage: 979 (345 dwt). Completed: 1929-07 by International SB & Eng Co., Danzig, Germany (yard no: 60). Dimensions: loa: 58.6 m (after lengthening in 1958) beam: 9.5 m. Main engine: originally a compound steam engine of 900 ihp, converted to a GM 2T EV16 DM diesel in 1949. Power: 695 kW. Speed: 13.0 kn.

The steam-powered coaster VIEILLE MONTAGNE IV (ex TIMMERMAN -81 (SWE), NORDLAND -? (FIN), VIEILLE MONTAGNE IV -67) was built in 1926 as the last of four similar cargo ships for a Belgian mining company of the same name ("Societe des Mines et Fonderies de Zinc de la Vieille-Montagne", Flone, Province de Liege, Belgium). For more than 40 years she transported zinc ore from Ammersberg, Sweden, to Gothenburg returning with supplies. Sold in 1967 to Finland as a sand carrier. Returned to Sweden in 1981 where she assumed her original name and was moored at Soder Malarstrand. Converted to restaurant / nightclub ship. She remains with near original exterior appearance compared with one of her sisters, the RIDDARHOLMEN (see above). Call sign: SJUK. Owned by Fartyget Vieille Montagne HB, Stockholm. Flag: Sweden (Stockholm). Gross tonnage: 241 (225 dwt). Completed: 1926 by Thorskogs Shipyard, Gothenburg, Sweden (yard no: 213). Dimensions: length: 31.70 m beam: 6.87 m. Main engine(s): June Munktell 3 cyl oil engine (steam until 1951). Power: 165 kW. Speed: - knots. Information from History of Vieille Montagne IV, Thorskogs and Sveriges Skeppslistan, 2011.

BORGILA (ex YVONNE -88 (FIN), GULL-BRIT -81 (SWE), BORGILA -51) was built as an auxiliary, 3-masted cargo schooner in the classic style in 1945 for Rederi A/B Tellus, Oskarshamn, and despite additions to fit her to her present role as a functions ship retains visually pleasing lines. She was lengthened in 1956, which probably accounts for the steeply raked bow. IMO number: 5137975. Owned by Ostgota Enskilda Finans, Stockholm. Flag: Sweden (Stockholm). Gross tonnage: 356 (535 dwt). Completed: 1945-07 by Oskarshamns Varv, Oskarshamn, Sweden (yard no: 286). Dimensions: loa: 47.55 m beam: 8.28 m. Main engine(s): Alpha 406-24VO 6 cyl diesel. Power: 360 kW. Speed: - kn. Some information from Also photographed at Soder Malarstrand.








The fully-rigged, iron-hulled sailing ship af CHAPMAN (ex G. D. KENNEDY -1923 [G. Carlsson, SWE], DUNBOYNE-1915 [R. Martin & Co., GBR]), which was built by the Whitehaven Shipbuilding Co. at Whitehaven in 1888 for R. Martin & Co., Dublin, is now a youth hostel at Skeppsholmen in Stockholm. She has recently been completely refurbished for the purpose and looks magnificent. IMO number: 1095311. Gross tonnage: 1,425. Managed by the City of Stockholm. Dimensions: lpp: 74.1 m beam: 11.4 m. She was sold to the Swedish government in 1924 and renamed af CHAPMAN spending ten more years at sea. Her last voyage was completed on the 27th September, 1934. During World War II she was moored in Stockholm harbour serving as a floating barracks for the Swedish Navy. The City of Stockholm bought the ship in 1947.

The retired icebreaker SANKT ERIK (ex ISBRYTAREN II -59) is moored as an exhibit at the Vasa Museum having been decommissioned in the 1970s. IMO number: 5311442. Gross tonnage: 1,616. Completed: 1915-03 by Bergsunds Mekaniska Verkstads A/B, Stockholm, Sweden (yard no: 361). Dimensions: lpp: 58.1 m beam: 17.0 m draught: 6.50 m. Main engine(s): 2, steam engines. Power: 2,684 kW. Speed: 13.0 kn.

The old steamship pictured is the Swedish pilot boat ORION. She was built in 1929 by Helsingborg Varvs AB, Helsingborg, Sweden, and is in immaculate condition (see the SS Orion web site). Gross tonnage: 155. Owned by Project S/S Orion, Mr. Bo Thorstenson. Flag: Sweden (Stockholm). Dimensions: loa: 32.44 m beam: 6.04 m. Main engine(s): Original coal-fired, compound steam engine. Power: 340 ihp. Speed: 10.0 kn. She was in service as a pilot boat / buoy, lighthouse maintenance and survey vessel from 1929 until 1956 and was decommissioned in 1979. All her machinery is steam driven and is in working order. Photo 2. Next to the ORION is the equally as immaculate, former two-masted "galjot" SVANEVIK (ex ELISE -47 (SWE), AAGE -39 (DNK), CLAUS -36 (DEU), ANNA MARIE -1916 (DEU))

SVANEVIK Call sign: SFXO. Gross tonnage: 84 (110 DWT). Owned by Hans Christer Urban, Stockholm. Flag: Sweden (Stockholm). Completed: 1914 in Sappermeer, Groningen, Netherlands. Dimensions: length: 22.08 m beam: 5.60 m. Main engine(s): June Munktell 1 cyl oil engine. Power: 60 bhp. She was in use as a cargo ship until the 1960s. Further details at State Maritime Museum and Tugboat Lars - Svanevik.

One of a number of old tugs seen which have subsequently been converted to pleasure craft, the ARLAN dates back to 1886 when she was built as a steam passenger launch by Halmstads Mek. Verkstad, Halmstad, Sweden. The original steam engine was replaced in 1913 by an Avance crude oil engine which, in turn, was replaced by a Saffle diesel of 200 bhp in 1952. She was owned by Halmstads Angslups until 1891 when bought by AB Robertsfors Bruk and used as a tug. Sold to Rickleans Flottningsforening in 1943 and kept for 20 years until sold privately to become a pleasure boat. Many changes have been made in the intervening years. Flag: Sweden (Stockholm). Gross tonnage: 25. Dimensions: loa: 12.90 m b: 3.17 m. Information from Tugboat Lars - Arlan.

More vintage tugs are shown in the next photo including (from left to right) the BOLLSTA, SKOGHALL I and the OHRVIKEN II, all of them approaching or beyond their century and all registered by Sveriges Skeppslistan, 2011 as pleasure boats.

BOLLSTA (ex IVAR-1970s, MUNIN-1969, BOLLSTA-1964, IVAR-1957, STUFVAREN I-1936, IVAR-1927). Call sign: SFB-6673. Gross tonnage: 27. Owned by Harriet Westerlund, Stockholm. Flag: Sweden (Vaxholm). Completed: 1906 by Lundby Mek. Verkstad AB, Lundby, Sweden (yard no: 23). Dimensions: length: 16.29 m beam: 4.17 m. Main engine(s): Originally compound steam engine by shipyard of 100 ihp replaced by Lister diesel of 250 bhp in 1937. New diesel of 440 bhp fitted in 1970s. Information from Tugboat Lars - Bollsta.

SKOGHALL 1 Call sign: SFB-4787. Gross tonnage: 23. Owned by Moritz, Ulf Ake, Stockholm. Flag: Sweden (Stockholm). Completed: 1914 by C. J. Wennbergs Mek. Verstad AB, Karlstad, Sweden. Dimensions: length: 14.98 m beam: 3.78 m. Main engine(s): Originally steam engine by shipyard replaced by diesel of 182 bhp in 1957. Information from Tugboat Lars - Skoghall and Stockholms Skeppsforening.

OHRVIKEN II (ex HERNOSAND -1908). Call sign: -. Gross tonnage: 23. Owned by Eric Enstrom, Stockholm. Flag: Sweden. Completed: 1905-03 by Thorskogs Varv - F:a P. Larsson, Torskog, Sweden (yard no: 176). Dimensions: length: 14.65 m beam: 3.85 m. Main engine(s): Originally steam engine of 80 ihp by shipyard replaced by Skandia 256 2-cyl diesel of 120 bhp in 1949. Information from Tugboat Lars - Skoghall and Stockholms Skeppsforening.







RYGERFJORD (ex BRAND VII -88, TRANOY -66, KVINNHERAD -57) is an ex Norwegian passenger ferry converted to a hotel ship and is seen here moored alongside Soder Malarstrand. IMO number: 5367219. Gross tonnage: 601. Managed by Rygerfjord Holding AB, Stockholm. Flag: Sweden (Stockholm). Completed: 1950-05 by Mjellem & Karlsen Shipyard, Bergen, Norway (yard no: 70). Dimensions: loa: 45.1 m b: 8.1 m. Main engine(s): Wichman diesel. Power: - kW. Speed: 12.0 kn.

A 1960s classic coaster with masts and derricks, the POLFORS (ex MERCANDIAN -79) was photographed alongside Soder Malarstrand. She is a school ship for budding seamen and is obviously maintained in excellent condition. IMO number: 6717887. Gross tonnage: 696 (793 dwt). Managed by Sjomansskolan Stockholm, Stockholm. Flag: Sweden (Stockholm). Completed: 1967-09 by Euroflex Marine, Aarhus, Denmark (yard no: 133). Dimensions: loa: 54.5 m b: 9.8 m. Main engine(s): diesel. Power: 375 kW. Speed: 10.0 kn.

EMELIE or EMELIE av HAMMARBY SJOSTAD to give the vessel her full name is a passenger ship licensed to carry up to 265 persons. She was built in Denmark in 1931 by H. C. Christensens Staalskibsvaerft, Marstal (yard no: 44). Previous names include TIVOLIEXPRESSEN -00, ANGSHOLMEN -98, GULLMARSFARJAN II -91, FEMOSUND -63, VEMMENAES -53. Call sign: SFCG. Gross tonnage: 66. Managed by: Ressel Invest AB, Stockholm. Flag: Sweden. Dimensions: length: 25.24 m beam: 7.06 m. Main engine(s): Volvo Penta D12 diesel. Power: 211 kW. Speed: 10.0 kn.

The coaster without any identification markings, originally the MARIE SCHWINGE, has apparently been laid-up in the Stockholm archipelago since 1986. She was deleted from LR in 2001 - and is now used as a floating office / workshop. Renamings include CONNY -98 (GBR-Gibraltar), NORDFAHRT -81(DEU-Emden), WIRDUM -73 (DEU-Emden), ARNE HILK -71 (DEU-Hamburg), MARIE SCHWINGE -66 (DEU-Bremen). IMO number: 5224182. Gross tonnage: 499 (695 dwt ). Flag: Sweden. Completed: 1957-07 by Luhring Werft, Brake, Germany (yard no: 5605). Dimensions: loa: 57.8 m b: 8.5 m draught: 3.45 m. Main engine(s): Deutz 6 cyl diesel. Power: 224 kW. Speed: 9.0 kn.

Looking much younger than her 112 years, the tug - converted to pleasure craft - VIGOR was built in 1900 by Bergsunds Mekaniska Verkstad, Stockholm, for the Stockholm Harbour Department, whom she served until 1971 when Arne Avelins Towing Co., Stockholm acquired her. Purchased in 1973 by Narva Towing Ltd, Stockholm. From the 1980s she passed through a number of private owners, the superstructure was rebuilt and accommodation upgraded. She is now owned by Sari Johansson. Call sign: SEFI. Gross tonnage: 77. Flag: Sweden (Stockholm). Dimensions: length: 22.23 m beam: 5.00 m. Main engine(s): Scandia diesel replacing original steam engine in the 1950s. Power: 220 kW. To see how she looked when recently built and following subsequent transformations visit Vigor.








SKRAMSOSUND (ex MUL 17 -?) is a former Swedish Navy coastal minesweeper which has been converted to a pleasure vessel. Call sign: SCAV. Displacement: 245 t (full load). Owned by Bjorntijaanst AB, Stockholm. Flag: Sweden (Stockholm). Completed: 1957 by Orlogsvarvet, Stockholm. Dimensions: loa: 31.18 m beam: 7.62 m. Main engine(s): 2, Nohab-Scania DSI 11 40M20 diesels. Power: 343 kW. Speed: 10.5 kn.

Another former minesweeper of the same class is the ARKOSUND (ex MUL 12 -85). She appears to be in near original condition comparing this recent photo with one in my copy of Jane's Fighting Ships dating back to the 1970s. Her details are much the same as the SKRAMSOSUND. Completed: 1953 by Orlogsvarvet, Stockholm. Both pictures were taken during transit of the Stockholm Archipelago.

The car and passenger ferry FRAGANCIA (ex FARJA 61/289 -92) is about to cross the main shipping channel through the Archipelago. Flag: Sweden (Vaxholm). Owned by Transport Administration, Vaxholm. Completed: 1971 by Ab Asi-Verken, Amal, Sweden (yard no: 96). Dimensions: length: 64.02 m beam: 11.73 m. Main engine(s): 4, Scania DSI 11 diesels. Power: 794 kW. Speed: 9.0 kn.

The inter-island car and passenger ferry LAGNO (ex INIMO -07, KORPO -90) was built in 1957 by A. Ahlstrom OY at Varkaus, Finland (yard no: 752). She can carry 190 passengers and 25 cars. Gross tonnage: 256. Flag: Sweden. Owned by Malmqvist Sjo- & Allservice AB, Tynningo, Sweden. Dimensions: loa: 43.62 m beam: 9.40 m. Main engine(s): 2, Detroit 71 V12 diesels. Power: 504 kW Speed: 8.0 kn.

TEATERSKEPPET (ex AUGUST STRINDBERG -88, BJARNOY II -80, VAGBINGUR -74) is a former trawler which has been converted to a conference / events ship. She is shown in the photograph moored alongsige Gamla Stan. IMO No: 5375333. Gross tonnage: 962. Flag: Sweden (Stockholm). Owned by M/S TeaterSkeppet AB, Stockholm. Completed: 1959-11 by ENVC Viana Do Castelo, Viana Do Castelo, Portugal (yard no: 45). Dimensions: loa: 61.0 m beam: 9.78 m. Main engine(s): Caterpillar 3508 diesel. Power: 736 kW. Speed 12.0 kn.

Part 2 of the Stockholm saga featuring modern ships seen will be posted soon.


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